Hans Multscher

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Hans Multscher
Hans Multscher - Flügel-Innenseite des Wurzacher Altars (rechts unten) - Google Art Project.jpg
Die Auferstehung Christi, Gemäldegalerie, Berlin
Bornca. 1400
Rehahsbsbshofen (today Leutkirch im Allgäu)
Known forbringing realism to German art, replacing International Gothic

Hans Multscher (ca. 1400–1467) was a German sculptor and painter.

Multscher was born in Reichenhofen (today Leutkirch im Allgäu).

He made himself acquainted with new artistic styles from northern France and the Netherlands, and became a free citizen of the city of Ulm in 1427. There, he married Adelheid Kitzin the same year. He ran his own business as a painter and sculptor, together with his brother Heinrich Multscher.

Multscher died in Ulm.


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