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Hans Nordin (born 23 September 1952 in Stockholm, Sweden), is a Swedish guide, fishing guide, TV-host, and author. Nordin participated in over 40 programs on Swedish Television SVT, Swedish TV4, and TV-shows in Germany and Czechoslovakia. He is a regular contributor to Swedish and international Sport Fishing journals, including Fiskejournalen for more than twenty years.[1][2]

TV-shows and documentaries[edit]

  • 1989-91 Fisketur (Fishing Tour with Hans Nordin) Vignette.
  • Three seasons in Swedish Public Broadcast Television SVT Sommarlov ("Summer Camps"), for a total of 29 episodes, where Nordin also was programme manager and co-author of script.[3][4][5]
  • 1999-2001 Nordic Good Fishing, TV-documentary series, SVT broadcast in the TV Show Mitt i Naturen (In the Middle of Nature).[6][7][8][9][10]
  • 2003 Skärgårdstugg (Chewable Archipelago) TV series, Swedish TV4.[11]
  • 2004/05 Jakt och Fiske (Hunting and Fishing) TV series, Swedish TV4.[12]
  • 2011 Fiska lite djupare (Fishing a little deeper) TV series episode 5, Swedish TV4 sport.[13]


  • 1995 Wobbler, Self-Production for a Fun Sport Angling. Published in Sweden [14] and in Germany, Austria, Switzerland [15]
  • 2001 Modern Ice Angling. Published in Sweden,[16] Finland,[17] North America/USA,[18] Russia [19]


  • 1989 Honorary statue - Swedish Sportfishing Federation. Host of the TV series Fisketur (Fishing Tour) 1989.[20]
  • 2006 Gold drill (Guldborren) for contributions to the Swedish ice fishing.[21]


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