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The Amagasaki Kaigan Line (尼崎海岸線 Amagasaki Kaigan-sen?) was a 1.7-kilometre long (1.1 mi) commuter rail in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan owned and operated by Hanshin Electric Railway. The line was closed in 1962.


The line connecting Deyashiki and Higashihama opened on April 14, 1929, 1435mm gauge electrified at 600 VDC.

The section between Takasu and Higashihama closed on April 15, 1960. The remaining section closed on December 1, 1962 for construction of the Second Hanshin National Highway (Route 43).[1]


Station Connections Location
Deyashiki 出屋敷 Hanshin Main Line Amagasaki
Takasu 高洲
Higashihama 東浜

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