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Type Porridge
Place of origin Finland
Main ingredients Rye sourdough starter, potatoes, peas
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Hapanvelli (Finnish lit. “sour gruel”) is a traditional South-Eastern Finnish dish that resembles pea soup but has a more sour flavour. It takes roughly an hour to prepare hapanvelli, which is made from a rye sourdough starter, potatoes and peas.[1] It is traditionally served with a pat of butter and cold milk.

Hapanvelli is a traditional dish of the Virolahti municipality which has the annual summertime Virolahti Week (Virolahti-viikko) during which hapanvelli is sold. There is also a contest during Virolahti Week in which the best cook gets the title of Miss Hapanvelli (Hapanvellimissi).[2]


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