Happy Families (books)

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Happy Families
Author Allan Ahlberg
Illustrator Andre Amstutz
Publisher Puffin Books
Published 1980
No. of books 20

Happy Families is a series of children's books written by Allan Ahlberg, inspired by the traditional card game Happy Families[citation needed]. Ahlberg worked with a number of illustrators and the books were published by Puffin Books. The series form a transition for children between picture books and chapter books.[1] It is a popular series, having sold in excess of 2.6 million copies since its launch in 1980.[2][3]


A children's TV series based on the books, also called Happy Families, was produced by the BBC in the late 1980s.


  • Master Money the Millionaire, illustrated by Andre Amstutz
  • Master Bun the Bakers' Boy, illustrated by Fritz Wegner
  • Mrs Lather's Laundry, illustrated by Andre Amstutz
  • Mr Creep the Crook, illustrated by Andre Amstutz
  • Miss Jump the Jockey, illustrated by Andre Amstutz
  • Master Track's Train, illustrated by Andre Amstutz
  • Master Salt the Sailors' Son, illustrated by Andre Amstutz
  • Mr and Mrs Hay the Horse, illustrated by Colin McNaughton
  • Miss Brick the Builders' Baby, illustrated by Colin McNaughton
  • Mrs Jolly's Joke Shop, illustrated by Colin Mcnaughton
  • Mr Buzz the Beeman, illustrated by Faith Jaques
  • Miss Dose the Doctors' Daughter*, illustrated by Faith Jaques
  • Mr Tick the Teacher, illustrated by Faith Jaques
  • Mrs Wobble the Waitress, illustrated by Janet Ahlberg
  • Mr Biff the Boxer, illustrated by Janet Ahlberg
  • Mr Cosmo the Conjuror, illustrated by Joe Wright
  • Mrs Plug the Plumber, illustrated by Joe Wright
  • Miss Dirt the Dustman's Daughter, illustrated by Tony Ross
  • Mrs Vole the Vet, illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark
  • Ms Cliff the Climber, illustrated by Fritz Wegner


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