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This article is about the 2010 TV series. For the comedy show, see Happy Family (2003 TV series). For the HK film, see Happy Family (2002 film).
Happy Family
Genre Family
Lunar New Year
Written by 黄家华 Huang Jia Hua
Starring Rui En
Chen Shucheng
Ann Kok
Darren Lim
Cynthia Koh
Shaun Chen
Chen Tianwen
Pan Lingling
Opening theme 家缘 by 蔡艾珈 Cai Ai Jia
Ending theme 不了心疼 by 蔡艾珈 Cai Ai Jia
Country of origin Singapore
Original language(s) Chinese
No. of episodes 20
Producer(s) 袁树伟 Paul Yuen
Running time approx. 45 minutes per episode
Original network MediaCorp TV Channel 8
Original release 19 January – 16 February 2010
Preceded by Together
Followed by Priceless Wonder
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Happy Family
Traditional Chinese 过好年
Simplified Chinese 过好年

Happy Family (simplified Chinese: 过好年) is a Singaporean family-themed Chinese drama which was telecasted on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp Channel 8. It made its debut on 19 January 2010 and ended on 16 February 2010. This drama series consists of 20 episodes, and was screened on every weekday night at 9:00 pm. This drama was a series in response for Reunion Dinner, which is a drama also set for Chinese New Year.


Dong Family[edit]

  • Yang Xiaodong/Dingdong (portrayed by Rui En) - a happy-go-lucky girl who simply enjoys life as it is. She was adopted by Dong Jianye (Chen Shucheng) 19 years ago. Now, she is set to bring back the Dong family (Ann Kok, Darren Lin and Chen Tianwen) before Chinese New Year.
  • Dong Jianye/Old Fogey (portrayed by Chen Shucheng) - the father of three and adoptive grandfather of Xiaodong. He chases his own children out of his house when they each did something against him. He later adopts Xiaodong. Since then, he had never had any reunion dinner with his own family.

Shui Family[edit]

  • Dong Shuixing/Mary Shui (portrayed by Ann Kok) - mother of Coco, ex-husband of Sun-Shui (Jerry Yeo). She marries Sun-Shui despite Jianye's objection, which leads her to run away from home. Only daughter of Dong Jianye. She was later remarried to Bread Skin (Nelson Chia). She returned to the Dong family after Xiaodong and Noguchi's (Remus Kam) pleading.
  • Coco (portrayed by Joey Feng) - only daughter of Shuxing and Sun-Shui. She unknowingly falls in love with Yekou. She thought she had a baby with Ben (Seth Ang). She reconciles with Xiaodong and Noguchi to reunite the Dong family.
  • Alex (portrayed by Alan Tern) - Shuixing's lover after she realised that Alex would take care of her. He was looked up high by Coco and was glad they were engaged. He is very caring to the Shui family.
  • Sun-Shui (portrayed by Jerry Yeo) - ex-husband of Shuxing. Unwilling father of Coco. Later, he divorces with Shuixing, as he was an abusive husband.

Mu Family[edit]

  • Dong Muxing/Mu Xing (portrayed by Darren Lim) - Second son of Jianye and a slacking and gambling addict husband of Mei'e. His gambling addiction enrages his father, which made him run away from home. Father of Chenlong and Chenfeng. He later lands himself in the hospital and tries to commit suicide, but stops when Mei'e arrived.
  • Jian Mei'e/Fatty Mei (portrayed by Cynthia Koh) - wife of Mu Xing. Mother of Chenlong and Chenfeng. She later reconciles with the Dong family and Xiaodong has been helping them with financial problems.
  • Dong Chenlong/Jackie Dong (portrayed by Frasier Tiong) - a teenage who helps out with the family financial crisises by giving tuition. He later stole money from a gang by Black Eyed Bean because he cannot bear to see his family suffer from a money crisis.
  • Dong Chenfeng/Felicia Dong (portrayed by Regene Lim) - Young, obedient and sensitive girl who tries her best to fit into the hellpit family. She avoided visiting her grandfather because she is addicted to studying (thinking she won't get good results if she didn't).

Noguchi Family[edit]

  • Dong Jinxing/Master Noguchi (portrayed by Chen Tianwen) - the eldest in the Dong family children. He ran away to home to further his studies. He laters married Nako Noguchi and she stops him from going back home. He felt inferior and a let down to his family.
  • Noguchi Nako/Madam Noguchi (portrayed by Pan Lingling) - a polio patient and Japanese wife of Master Yekou. She is very demanding, obstructive and vicious. She forced Master not to go back to his home, case he never return.
  • Noguchi Nariyasu/Young Master Noguchi - A lion dancer and strong son of Master and Madam. He stands up for what is right and what is wrong, leading him to follow Xiaodong to find all their relatives. He later opposes Madam for the sake of Xiaodong. He finds Madam's right-hand man Yorro Jong an eyesore.

Chen Family[edit]

  • Chen Haojie (portrayed by Shaun Chen) - Xiaodong's love. He is the son of Aunt Chen(Li Yinzhu) and nephew of Chen Liangcai(Marcus Chin). He has a girlfriend, Simin (Koh Yah Hwee) but later breaks up because Aunt Chen stops him from going to Australia with Simin.
  • Aunt Chen(portrayed by Li Yinzhu) - mother of Haojie, sister of Liangcai. She hoped that Haojie would marry Xiaodong as she is pleasant and respectful. But, she hates Simin as she has no respect for her elders. She sells ladies lingerie. She was later relieved that Xiaodong and Haojie did not date each other or they would commit incest.
  • Chen Liangcai/Drunkard (portrayed by Marcus Chin) - brother of Aunt Chen. Long-lost father of Xiaodong. He is always getting himself drunk and womanzing, which made Haojie feels he is a bad example. He later turns over a new leaf when he realised Xiaodong is his daughter.


  • Yao Simin (portrayed by Ya Hui) – Haojie's girlfriend. She detests and objects to Xiaodong and Chen-Shen when Chen-Shen is protective towards Xiaodong. She later breaks up with Haojie when he refuses to go to Australia with her, but she knew Aunt Chen was the one who set him up.
  • Ben (portrayed by Seth Ang) – a lion dance troupe teaming up with Noguchi. He set up Noguchi and Coco when he had sex with Coco. He later land into jail when Coco testifies against him.
  • Yorro Jong (portrayed by Pierre Liam) – the planner who set up everything for his mistress, Madam Yekou. He helps to push Madam around in her wheelchair. He act as her bodyguard.
  • Mary (portrayed by Ong Ai Leng) - a prostitute friend of Shuixing. She is a money-grubber who cheats Xiaodong of her money. She gambled away all of her money, but lightens up when Noguchi and Xiaodong ask her to visit their grandpa, Jianye.
  • Black Eyed Bean (portrayed by Davien Lim) - a gang leader who is feared by many. However, to support his family, Chenlong stole from him. He gathered his gang to beat Chenlong up and even asked one of the Mu family to be his scapegoat in a gambling den.
  • Ding Xie (portrayed by Henry Thia) - Villain of this drama, a scheming old man who loves Xiaodong. He even tries to rape her twice. But, both to no avail. He even tries to set up Noguchi for all the bad things he did. He later lands to jail when Xiaodong, Noguchi, Coco and Jianye testify against him.
  • Fatty Zhui (portrayed by Mei Liang) - she sells clothes and was a tailor. Her shop is located beside Jianye's.
  • Grape-headed Pong (portrayed by Yuan Ming) - he sells fruits and vegetables. Father of Lemon He (Apple Hong). His shop is located beside Jianye's.
  • Lemon He (portrayed by Apple Hong) - a mute girl. She is the daughter of Grape-headed Pong. She falls in love with Ben when she heard his voice. But, she later marry to Zhen Yingxian. (Adam Chen) when they went to bed together and Yingxian even rests his face on her boobs.
  • Zhen Yingxian (portrayed by Adam Chen) - an evil man who tries to murder Ding Xie, Li-Lian and Lemon He. But, he later marry Lemon as he loved her breasts. Lemon felt defenceless against him.
  • Ding Li-Lian (portrayed by He Lima) - wife of Ding Xie. She begged for the safety for Ding Xie. She made Xiaodong soft heartened, but not to Jianye.


  • This drama's Chinese title was originally meant to be called 全家福.
  • Two characters are from overseas, Remus Kam and Pierre Liam.
  • The character Black Eyed Bean (portrayed by Davien Lim) was adapted by the band The Black Eyed Peas.
  • The character Chenlong comes Bruce Lee.
  • The Show was pre tempted on Monday 15 February due to New Year Specials.

Star Awards 2011 Nominations[edit]

Award Nominee Result
Best Supporting Actress Cynthia Koh Nominated
Young Talent Award Regene Lim Won
Fraser Tiong Nominated
Favourite Female Character Yang Xiaodong
(Played by Rui En)

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