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Harbour Litigation Funding or 'Harbour' is one of the UK's first litigation funders (see Litigation Funding (UK)) and one of the largest litigation funders in the world, measured by the size of its investment funds.[1] It operates hubs in London and Asia Pacific and has funded litigation in 13 jurisdictions and arbitration under 4 arbitral rules.

Litigation funders pay all or part of the costs of a dispute. If the case is won and monies received, they take a pre-agreed share of the proceeds. If the case is lost, the loss is the funder's - not the claimant's (see Litigation Funding (UK).


Harbour authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, was founded in 2007 by Susan Dunn and Martin Tonnby and is one of the UK’s first litigation funders. The origins of the business date back to 2002.

The Civil Justice Council established a regulatory body responsible for litigation funding and ensuring compliance with the Code. That body is called the Association of Litigation Funders.[2]

Harbour is a founding member of the Association of Litigation Funders and has both adopted the Code and undertaken to comply with it at all times.


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