Hard Times (Peter Skellern album)

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Hard Times
Peter+Skellern Hard+Times+Album.jpg
Studio album by Peter Skellern
Released 1975
Genre Pop
Label Island
Producer Meyer Shagaloff
Peter Skellern chronology
Hold On to Love
(1975)Hold On to Love1975
Hard Times
Kissing in the Cactus
(1977)Kissing in the Cactus1977

Hard Times is the fifth album by singer, songwriter and pianist Peter Skellern (1947–2017)[1]) released in 1975 on the Island Records label. Despite much radio airplay, "Hard Times" failed as a single and the LP slipped into decades of obscurity. As a result of this commercial failure, Skellern changed record companies again, signing with Phonogram under their Mercury subsidiary and immediately enjoying a minor hit with a cover of "Love Is the Sweetest Thing".[2]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Peter Skellern except "Make Love, Not War" written by John Burrows, John Harding and Peter Skellern.

Side 1

  1. "Hard Times”
  2. "I Guess You Wish You’d Gone Home"
  3. "Baby What a Fool I’ve Been”
  4. "Down in the Cellar"
  5. ”Goodbye, America Keep You Well”

Side 2

  1. "Snake Bite"
  2. "Make Love, Not War” (From the musical revue Loud Reports)
  3. "A Capella”
  4. "Let’s Sleep Late"
  5. "And Then You’ll Fall"


  • Keyboards: Peter Skellern (acoustic and electric piano, percussion, organ and Moog)
  • Vocals: Peter Skellern
  • Drums: Rob Townsend
  • Bass: George Ford
  • Guitars: Mick Green, Brian Alterman
  • Tablas: Chris Karan
  • Strings: Arranged by Andrew Price Jackman
  • Background vocals: Madeline Bell, Joy Yates, Joanne Williams
  • Guitar on "Make Love Not War": George Harrison


  • Producer: Meyer Shagaloff by arrangement with Johnny Stirling for Pendulum Music Ltd
  • Engineer: Trevor Vallis
  • Tape operators: Dave & Vaughan
  • Recorded at: Mayfair Sound Studios
  • Cover illustration: Tony Wright
  • Album design: Eckford Stimpson


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