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Haripurdhar is a small town in Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh, India. The town is situated on a high ridge overlooking a deep valley. The town is at an altitude of 2500 metres above sea level. This town was early known as 'Dungbhangayani'. Earlier this was the summer capital of Sirmour. Haripurdhar is also famous for one of the historical. Here in the month of may/June you can enjoy 0 to 5 C.In winters there is a tremendous view of snowfall here.Town has three or four hotels & guest house. Temple is situated in border of Shimla & Sirmour. There are around 30 rooms with basic facilities in the temple premises. Maa Bhangayani Temple The place is full of scenic beauty and greenery. There are many old temple of many deities in the adjoining villages.

And all sraounding hills are historical hill situated top of haripurdhar... And other side kupardhar is a most beautiful destination of tourism...

History Haripurdhar was earlier known as ‘Dungbhangayani’. Formerly, this was the summer capital of the Sirmour. Situated on a crest of Haripur hill like a silent sentinel, there is a fort named “KILLA” that was built on this mountain range by the rulers of incipient Sirmour State. It was mainly meant to guard the state outskirts with the neighboring Jubbal State as there were regular boundary disputes between the two states and there was unusual push into each others territory. It has fallen into abandonment and the part which is still livable is used by the Forest Department as forester’s headquarters.