Harjeet Atwal

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Harjeet Atwal
Born (1952-09-08) September 8, 1952 (age 66)
OccupationWriter, novelist, storyteller
Known forLiterature

Harjeet Atwal is a Punjabi writer, novelist in Indian literature specially in Punjabi and Hindi languages. He has written many books and many articles and delivered lectures. He is also known as a storyteller and poet. Now he lives in London with his wife and three children.

Early life[edit]

Harjeet Atwal, a well known Punjabi writer was born on 8 September 1952, in village Pharala, district Jallandhar now district Nawanshahar in Punjab, India. His father's name was Darshan Singh and mother name was Balbir Kaur. He is eldest brother of three sisters and a late brother. He was brought up at his native village Pharala. He got his secondary education from Govt. High School Pharala, and graduation from Sikh National College, Banga. After his degree in law he started his legal practice in Nawanshahar courts but he migrated to U.K. in July, 1977. Since then he is living in U.K. with his family. He has his interest in literature since his childhood and started writing short stories and poems in his school days. He has written more than two dozens books in Punjabi. His work is a part of universities courses. He lives in London since he moves to U.K. He has three grown up children, two daughters and one son.

Writing career[edit]


Harjeet Atwal has written more than two dozens of books which includes novels, poetry, short stories, biography, travelogue, essays and articles, literary analytical articles, editing the books, editing the magazines etc. His work is also available in other languages like Hindi, English and other Indian languages. He has been writing columns for few daily newspapers and magazine as well. He, regularly, delivers his lectures on the concerns about modern literature in Indian universities and other educational institutions. He is President of 'Adara Shabad' which is a Punjabi writers association based in London and Chandigarh.[1] Here are main books written by Harjeet Atwal

1 'Sard Pairan di udik' (A wait with naked feet). a collection of poems. 2 'Suka Pata Te Hawa', (A dead leaf in wind) a collection of short stories. 3 'Kala lahu', (Black blood). a collection of short stories. 4 'Sapan Da Bhar Bartainia', (Britain, full of snakes) a collection of short stories. 5 'Khuh Wala Ghar', (A house with well). a collection of short stories. 6 'Ik Sach Mera Vi', (One truth from me). a collection of short stories. 7 'Nawen Geet Da Mukhra', (First stanza of new song). a collection of short stories. 8 'Ik Gal Je Dil Lage, (a matter if you feel right) a collection of short stories. 9 'Das Darvaze', (Ten doors) a collection of short stories. 10 'Focus', (The focus). a travelogue. 11 'Pachasi Variyan Da Jashan', (The celebration of 85 years) a biography of his father Mr Darshan Singh. 12 'One Way', (One way) a novel. 13 'Ret', (The sands) a novel. 14 'Swari', (The passenger) a novel. 15 'Southall', (Southall town). a novel. 16 'British Born Desi', (Indians born in Britain). a novel. 17 'Akal Sahai', (God helps) a historical novel 18 'Aapana' (My own). a historical novel. 19 'Geet', (The song). a novel. 20 'Mudri Dot Com', (mundri.com) a novel. 21 'Mor udari', (A flight of peacock) a novel. 22 'Kale rang gulaban de', (Black roses), a novel. 23 'Jetthu', (Jetthu as a name). a novel (this novel was advertised as name Shalmai) 24 'A Collection of Diasporas Punjabi Short Stories', an edited book. And he has edited few more books. He is co-editor of tri-monthly Punjabi magazine named 'Shabad' (The word) He has done lot of translation work as well.


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