Harley-Davidson (Sega/Stern pinball)

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Harley-Davidson (Sega/Stern Pinball)
Harley Davidson Pinball by Sega Stern Flyer.jpg
ManufacturerList of Sega Pinball machines/Stern Pinball
Release dateSeptember 1999
DesignLonnie D. Ropp, John Borg
MechanicsJohn Borg
MusicKyle Johnson
SoundKyle Johnson
Dots/AnimationKurt Andersen

Harley-Davidson is a Sega Pinball pinball machine released in September 1999[1] and was the last machine released by this company.[2] It was designed by Jon Borg and Lonnie D. Ropp.

The table went through three different production runs. The first made by Sega[3] and continued by Stern Pinball in 1999[4] after they bought Sega's pinball division in the same year. The second produced by Stern Pinball in 2002,[5] and the third with an artwork change also by Stern was released in 2004.[5]


The machine features a Harley-Davidson motorcycle theme including authentic engine sound. The game enables players to lock the ball in wheelies on the playfield. The game has an up post between the flippers that is controlled by the player by an extra flipper button on the right side of the cabinet.[2]

There was a second edition of the table released in November 2002, which was a re-run of the first edition with no changes.[2]

Due to the popularity of the first and second run, the company released 300 games as a third edition in April 2004. This version includes upgraded parts including chrome trim, different motorcycles on the playfield a 1999 and a 2000 Fat Boy as well as a 2001 Heritage Springer.[2]

Digital version[edit]

The Stern's 3rd edition is available in The Pinball Arcade for several platforms.

Also, the same 3rd edition is available in Stern Pinball Arcade.


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