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Harley Benton is a house brand for a line of student-grade music instruments and equipment produced by original equipment manufacturers, mostly in China and other Far East nations, for Musikhaus Thomann, a large multinational importer and mail-order retailer based in Bavaria, Germany.[1]

Musical instruments and equipment[edit]

Guitars and basses[edit]

Stringed instruments—primarily guitars and basses—and amplifiers account for most of Harley Benton brand revenue. The product lines target entry-level and intermediate musicians. The entry-level guitars typically have basswood bodies. More expensive models typically other woods and better hardware.


Harley Benton offers amplifiers for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars.

Other instruments[edit]

The Harley Benton brand also includes banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, diatonic harmonicas, electric violins, electric violas, and lap steel guitars.[2]

Guitar OEM vendor[edit]

Harley Benton guitars are manufactured in around 20 factories in the Far East in China, Indonesia and Vietnam.


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