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Harmonic usually refers to the frequency components of a time-varying signal, such as a musical note.

Mathematics, science and engineering[edit]


  • Artificial harmonic, a string instrument playing technique
  • Enharmonic, a "spelling" issue in music
  • Guitar harmonics, a guitar playing technique
  • Harmonic series (music), the series of overtones (or partials) present in a musical note, or the vibrational modes of a string or an air column
  • Scale of harmonics, a musical scale based on harmonic nodes of a string
  • The Harmonics, a rock a cappella group from Stanford University
  • Harmony, the musical use of simultaneous pitches, or chords
  • Inharmonicity, the degree of overtones' departure from integral multiples of the fundamental frequency
  • Overtone, any resonant frequency higher than the fundamental frequency

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  • Harmonix, a video game development company