Harold Brierley

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Harold M. "Hal" Brierley
Residence:Dallas, Texas
Occupation:Executive Chairman / Founder of Brierley+Partners
Known for:Pioneering AAvantage
Spouse:Diane Walden Brierley

Harold Brierley is an American business and marketing executive focused on loyalty programs.


Born in 1943[citation needed], Brierley earned a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Maryland and an MBA from Harvard Business School with a Baker Scholar distinction.[1][2] After graduating, Brierley worked as a research assistant for Harvard professor Charles M. Williams[2] and co-founded Epsilon Data Management with former Harvard classmates in 1968.[3]

Business career[edit]

In 1980, a former classmate from Harvard hired Brierley to design American Airlines' traveler rewards program.[4][5] Brierley later became the vice president of sales and marketing for Pan American World Airways in 1982, where he developed the WorldPass loyalty program.[2] After a year at Pan Am, Brierley left to become the senior vice president of marketing for Continental Airlines.[citation needed]

Entrepreneurial career[edit]

In 1985, Brierley opened Brierley+Partners (B+P), a loyalty program consultancy; and launched e-Rewards, Inc., a firm that collects consumer data for engineering loyalty programs, in 1999.[6] In 2006, Brierley created e-Miles, Inc under the B+P umbrella.[7][8]

Brierley teaches a course on the founding of Epsilon Data Management[citation needed] at Harvard Business School.[9]


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