Harold Marion Crothers

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Harold Marion Crothers (born 1887) was an American professor of electrical engineering at South Dakota State University where he also served as president for three periods (1946, 1951, 1957–58).[1] He was dean of Engineering 1925-55 and gave name to the Crothers Engineering Hall (1957). Earlier, he was instrumental in the establishment of the university's first radio station (1931).

Crothers received a B.S. in mathematics (1910) and did a study on Potential Distribution on High Tension Insulators with advisor Jesse L. Brenneman (1913). This led to a Ph.D. at University of Wisconsin, Madison on a thesis entitled The Selective Properties of Coupled Radio Circuits advised by with Edward Bennett (physicist) (1920). He joined the faculty there and wrote a book on Introductory Electrodynamics, jointly with Bennett (1926).


  1. ^ Past presidents of South Dakota State University includes a picture of H. M. Crothers