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Harold Matson (February 26, 1898 – January 5, 1988[1]) was an American literary agent and founder of the Harold Matson Company. His clients included Evelyn Waugh, C. S. Forester, Arthur Koestler, Malcolm Lowry William Saroyan,[1] Allen Drury, Robert Ruark, Herman Wouk, Evan S. Connell, Flannery O'Connor and Richard Condon.[2]

Early life[edit]

Matson was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and grew up in San Francisco.[1]


The New York Times called Matson "one of the most influential figures in book publishing."[1] The $106,000 sale of the paperback rights to Robert Ruark's novel Something of Value set a record at the time.[1] On his death, Ruark left his Rolls-Royce car to Matson.[3]


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