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For the Oregon state park, see Harris Beach State Park.
Harris Beach PLLC
Harris Beach
Headquarters Rochester, NY
No. of offices 11
No. of attorneys 200+
No. of employees 400+ (including attorneys)
Key people James A. Spitz, Jr., CEO & Partner
Date founded 1856
Company type Professional limited liability company

Harris Beach is a law firm in the U.S. state of New York, founded in 1856. The firm has 200 lawyers and offices throughout New York, as well as in Newark, New Jersey, and New Haven, Connecticut.

Ranked by the National Law Journal as one of the country’s top law firms,[1] Harris Beach and its subsidiaries provide a full range of legal and professional services for clients across New York as well as nationally and internationally. The firm's clients include Fortune 500 corporations, privately held companies, emerging businesses, not-for-profit organizations and individuals. Principal industries the firm represents include education, energy, financial, food and beverage, health care, insurance, manufacturing, medical and life sciences, real estate developers, and state and local governments and authorities.[2]

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Commitment to diversity[edit]

The 10-member Harris Beach Diversity Council is composed of attorneys and administrative personnel from various offices, departments, and a broad range of ethnic and academic backgrounds, experiences, cultures and lifestyles. The Diversity Council is dedicated to the retention and advancement of all individuals.

Among Harris Beach’s practices that promote diversity:

  • flex-time work schedules for attorneys and administrative staff
  • diverse-friendly in its recruiting efforts by focusing on a candidate’s skills, education and experience
  • hires and accommodates the needs of individuals who are differently-abled (disabilities)
  • holiday schedule that is cognizant and respectful of different groups

Harris Beach provides diversity scholarship programs for college seniors attending law school and second year law school students and works closely with the Monroe County Bar Association as a founding member of the association's minority summer clerkship program. Harris Beach is also a member of the Workforce Diversity Network.



In 2000, Harris Beach moved its New York City office to the 85th floor of the South Tower at the World Trade Center. At the time of the September 11 attacks, it was highest floor in the impact zone where United Airlines Flight 175 had struck the tower. When the first plane struck 1WTC, only 18 Harris Beach employees were present on the floor. One of the firm's attorney's, Andrew Zucker, who was also a trained volunteer firefighter, began instructing his colleagues to head for the emergency stairwell once he recognized the danger in the other building. Thirteen of the Harris Beach employees present that day managed to evacuate the building before Flight 175 struck their building, while the remaining five, including Zucker, were killed.[3] The New York City office was relocated to Fifth Avenue and since 2007 it has been located 100 Wall Street.[4]

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