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GatesAir, Inc.
Harris Broadcast, Harris Corporation, Gates Radio Company, Gates Radio & Supply Company
Industry Broadcasting
Founded 1922
Founders Henry C. Gates, Cora B. Gates, Parker S. Gates
Headquarters Mason, Ohio / Quincy, Illinois, United States
Products AM, FM, UHF, VHF broadcast transmitters; STL transport systems/codecs; video stream monitoring systems; broadcast accessories
Brands Maxiva, Flexiva, Intraplex
Owner The Gores Group

GatesAir is an American electronics manufacturer that produces, markets and services terrestrial TV/radio broadcast equipment globally.

Products and Services[edit]

GatesAir manufactures transmitters and associated broadcast gear for over-the-air television and radio broadcasting around the world. GatesAir's PowerSmart Plus technology won an award in 2016 for providing the highest power efficiency possible for UHF ATSC transmission.[1]

GatesAir also manufactures audio systems for public safety and government communications, and studio-to-transmitter links for radio broadcasters.

GatesAir continues to service not only its own products, but also those from its earlier incarnations (detailed below in History). It also has a Training Center where operators and engineers can attend either product specific training sessions or an annual two-week training session on Broadcast Transmitter Operation and Maintenance, in cooperation with the United States Telecommunications Training Institute (USTTI).

In May 2018, GatesAir launched the website GatesAir University (see External Links), an online library of training webinars and other educational videos centered around broadcast RF engineering.


Research and development is driven from the company's headquarter facilities in Mason, Ohio and supported by the long-standing manufacturing center in Quincy, Illinois. The Quincy facilities reside on a 40-acre campus that houses GatesAir's manufacturing, integration, test and global fulfillment operations. The Quincy location is also home to the Customer Service and Training Centers. The site is one of the world's largest producers of terrestrial broadcast equipment and technology.


GatesAir traces its origins to 1922 when the Gates Radio Company was founded by Parker Gates, with the help of his parents, in Quincy, Illinois.[2] The company was sold in 1957 to Harris Intertype Corporation (now Harris Corporation).[3] The Gates brand was initially retained. In celebrating Gates' 50th anniversary in 1972, it was announced that the company was expanding to add television broadcast equipment with the acquisition of General Electric's TV equipment line that year.[4] The company's name was changed to Harris in 1975.[5] Harris Corporation sold its broadcast equipment operations to the Gores Group in 2012 with the sale completed in 2013.[6]

In March 2014, Harris Broadcast was split into two companies, Imagine Communications Corp. (the Internet software and networking company) and GatesAir (the broadcast equipment company). The GatesAir name restores the company's historic name.[7]

In February 2017, GatesAir sold its radio studio consoles, studio networking, and studio furniture business (collectively known by its brand "Pacific Research & Engineering" or "PR&E") to Wheatstone Corporation.[8] Harris Corporation had acquired PR&E in 1999 and incorporated it into its Broadcast Division.


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