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Harry Boye Karlsen (14 March 1920 – 8 January 1994) was a Norwegian international footballer. He was born in Horten, and played 58 games for Norway, scoring four goals, between 1946 and 1956. He was a member of the Norwegian squad that competed at the 1952 Olympics. Karlsen primarily played as a defender, and was used as a free kick and penalty taker.[1]

During World War II Karlsen played for several British teams. He joined Dundee United in September 1943, playing regularly for them until being posted to England in January 1945. He returned to make a few more appearances later in the year, and also played a single match for Exeter City in October 1945.[2] After the war he joined Lyn and won the Norwegian cup with them in 1945 and the Norwegian Premier League in 1952/53 and 1954/55 he won the Norwegian.[clarification needed] He won the league again in 1955/56 after his transfer to Larvik Turn. Karlsen also played for Ørn Horten.[1]


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