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Harry Eugene Atkinson (February 6, 1920 – June 30, 2001)[1] was the mayor of Newport News, Virginia from July 1, 1974 to July 1, 1976.[2] His single term in office saw the development of two major landmark buildings in the city's midtown area - the Rouse Tower office complex in 1974[3] and Newmarket North Mall in 1975. Also completed during Atkinson's term was the first span of the four-lane James River Bridge that would eventually replace the original two-lane bridge.[4]

After serving as mayor, Atkinson led a group of Newport News citizens and the Newport News Historical Commission in creating Potter's Field, a city park on the former site of the Warwick County Poor Farm.


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Preceded by
J. William Hornsby
Mayor of Newport News
Succeeded by
Joseph C. Ritchie