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Harun Mehmedinović
Harun Mehmedinovic at TEDx.jpg
Born Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Nationality Bosnian American
Alma mater UCLA
American Film Institute
Occupation Director
Years active 2003-present
Website http://www.harunmehmedinovic.com
Harun Mehmedinović and Gavin Heffernan at SKYGLOWPROJECT.COM event at The Annenberg Photo Space in Los Angeles

Harun Mehmedinović is a Bosnian American director, screenwriter, photographer, cinematographer, professor and author.[1] He is a graduate of UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and American Film Institute, and is the cinematographer of the upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio-produced documentary Ice on Fire for HBO. He is the writer/director of In the Name of the Son, which premiered at the Telluride Film Festival and went on to win over thirty international awards including Shanghai Film Festival.[2]

Mehmedinović is an award winning photography and timelapse contributor to BBC Earth,[3] National Geographic,[4] Vogue Italia,[5] and has spoken at TED about his photography work.[6] His photograph of the cloud-inverted Grand Canyon was listed among the 2015 best travel photos of the year by National Geographic.[7] In 2016, Mehmedinović was on the BBC Earth Instagram team that won Webby Award for "Best Photography and Graphics." [8] His work has been featured by various media outlets, including The New York Times, WiredTime, Sierra Club Magazine, ForbesNPRLos Angeles TimesLA WeeklyVice, and Washington Post, among others. [9]

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd performs "Breathe" to Sean Evans animation and DISHDANCE visuals by Harun Mehmedinovic and Gavin Heffernan in front of a 200,000 person crowd in Mexico City

Harun has contributed timelapse videos for use in concerts and events, most notably by The Rolling Stones for their song "Moonlight Mile" during the ZIP CODE tour in 2015,[10] Roger Waters/Pink Floyd for their song "Breathe" during the Desert Trip Indio concert/the 2016 tour,[11] and Cosmic Gate music video for the single "am2pm" in 2016.[12]

Mehmedinovic is an author of three photography books: "Seance," in 2013, with a foreword by Aleksandar Hemon, "Persona" in 2015, and SKYGLOW in 2017.

Shot from the timelapse video SKYGLOW by Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic

Currently, Mehmedinovic and frequent photography partner Gavin Heffernan are collaborating on SKYGLOW,[13] a crowdfunded book and Blu-Ray set to tackle the rising danger and damage of urban light pollution. The fundraising campaign generated a tremendous amount of publicity [14] and ended on May 9, 2015 as the fourth most successful Kickstarter campaign in the Photobooks category.[15] On December 5, 2015, Gavin and Harun gave a sold out talk about SKYGLOWPROJECT.COM at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles, and previewed photos and video from their journeys.[16] SKYGLOW was featured by Science Channel's Outrageous Acts of Science,[17] National Park Service as part of their official 2016 Centennial celebration video,[18] and was released as a hardcover book and Blu-Ray series in April 2017.

He teaches photography and film at Northern Arizona University.[19]


  • SKYGLOW: Colorado Serenade (2018) [20] - Director/Cinematographer/Editor
  • SKYGLOW: Kaibab Requiem (2017) [21] - Director/Cinematographer/Editor
  • SKYGLOW: Mojave Forsaken (2017) [22] - Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor
  • SKYGLOW: Stormhenge (2017) [23] - Co-Director/Cinematographer
  • BBC Earth: Kaibab Elegy (2017) [24] - Director/Cinematographer/Editor
  • SKYGLOW: POLI’AHU (2017) [25] - Co-Director/Cinematographer
  • The Rolling Stones: "Angie" visuals for Desert Trip Megaconcert [26] - Co-Director/Cinematographer
  • The Rolling Stones: "Wild Horses" visuals for Desert Trip Megaconcert [27] - Co-Director/Cinematographer
  • Roger Waters of Pink Floyd: "Breathe" visuals for Desert Trip Indio and the 2016 Tour (2016) [28] - Co-Director/Cinematographer
  • SKYGLOW: Ft. Union Lullaby (2016)[29] - Director/Cinematographer/Editor
  • SKYGLOW: Hades Exhales (2016)[30] - Director/Cinematographer/Editor
  • SKYGLOW: Tortugas Rock (2016)[31] - Director/Cinematographer/Editor
  • Cosmic Gate: AM2PM (2016) [32] - Co-Director/Cinematographer
  • BBC Earth: Sandstorm Alomogordo (2016) [33] - Director/Cinematographer/Editor
  • BBC Earth: Amargosa Superbloom (2016) [34] - Director/Cinematographer/Editor
  • BBC Earth: Mojave Blues (2016) [35] - Director/Cinematographer/Editor
  • BBC Earth: Elkmont Symphony (2016) [36] - Director/Cinematographer/Editor
  • The Rolling Stones: "Moonlight Mile" visuals for ZIP CODE Tour (2015) - Co-Director/Cinematographer
  • SKYGLOW: Dishdance (2015) [37] - Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor
  • BBC Earth: Shenandoah Reverie (2015) [38] - Director/Cinematographer/Editor
  • BBC Earth: Melancholy Gorge (2015) [39] - Director/Cinematographer/Editor
  • SKYGLOW: Promo (2015) [40] - Co-Director/Cinematographer
  • BBC Earth: Pinnacles (2015) [41] - Co-Director/Cinematographer
  • BBC Earth: Tempest Vermilion (2015) [42] - Co-Director/Cinematographer
  • BBC Earth: Wavelight (2014) [43] - Co-Director/Cinematographer
  • SKYGLOW: YIKÁÍSDÁHÁ - "That Which Comes Before the Dawn" (2014) [44] - Co-Director/Cinematographer
  • In the Name of the Son (2007) - Writer/Director


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