Haruo Maekawa

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Haruo Maekawa

Haruo Maekawa (前川 春雄, Maekawa Haruo, February 6, 1911 – September 22, 1989), also romanized as Mayekawa,[1] was a Japanese businessman, central banker, the 24th Governor of the Bank of Japan (BOJ).

Early life[edit]

Maekawa was born in Tokyo.[2]


Before rising to become head of the Bank of Japan, Maekawa held other bank positions, including director of foreign-exchange operations.[3]

Maekawa was Governor of the Bank of Japan from December 17, 1979 through December 16, 1984,[1] having previously served as Deputy Governor from 1974 to 1979.[4] Along with Finance Minister Noboru Takeshita, he was credited with negotiating a Saudi-Japan petrodollar accord in 1980.[5]

In 1986, the Maekawa Commission (the "Advisory Group on Economic Restructuring" headed by Maekawa)[6] proposed economic reforms designed to make the living standards of Japanese more comparable to levels enjoyed in the West.[7] Maekawa is credited as the chief author of the commission report.[8]

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Government offices
Preceded by
Teiichiro Morinaga
Governor of the Bank of Japan
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