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Harvey J Kaye is an American historian and sociologist. Kaye is an author of several political books including “Thomas Paine and the Promise of America”, “The Fight for the Four Freedoms”. He has appeared as an expert on several political news shows and podcasts including “Bill Moyers Journal” and “That’s Jacqueline”.

Kaye is currently the Director of the Center for History and Social Change at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay.


  • The Fight for the Four Freedoms
  • Thomas Paine and the Promise of America
  • Thomas Paine: Firebrand of the Revolution (young adult biography)
  • The British Marxist Historians Polity Press, Cambridge, 1984, ISBN 0-7456-0015-8
  • The Powers of the Past
  • The Education of Desire
  • "Why do Ruling Classes Fear History" and Other Questions
  • Are We Good Citizens?
  • E.P. Thompson: Critical Perspectives
  • The American Radical

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