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Hateform live at Tuska Open Air 2013

Hateform is a Finnish band that plays death/thrash metal. The band was founded by Tomy Laisto, Joni Suonenjärvi, and Tuomas Vähämaa in 2004. Soon after Hateform was founded Petri Nyström, the current lead vocalist joined the band. In 2005 Ville Vänni, the lead guitar player of Insomnium joined the band. In 2005 Vänni departed from the band because of his own projects. In 2006 Tom Gardiner, the lead guitar player from Mordred and Scorched Earth Tactics replaced Vänni. The first album of the band, titled Dominance, came out in 2007. In 2008 Hateform won The Year's Beginner Award at Finnish Metal Awards. The newest studio album of Hateform, Origins of Plague, came out 2010.

Band members[edit]


  • Petri Nyström - lead vocals
  • Tomy Laisto - guitar
  • Tom Gardiner - lead guitar
  • Joni Suodenjärvi - bass, backing vocals
  • Tuomo Latvala - drums


  • Ville Vänni - guitar


Studio albums



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