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The Hayashi house was one of the four go houses of Edo period Japan. It was in effect the junior partner in the system of go schools, never providing a Meijin player. Always an ally of the Honinbo school, for traditional reasons, it didn't survive to the end of the period as truly independent. Its headship went to Honinbo Shuei, and when he became also Honinbo head, it was de facto merged into the Honinbos.

From the second head onwards, the head of house when playing was known as Hayashi Monnyū.

  1. 林 門入齋 Monnyūsai from 1612
  2. 林 門入 Monnyū to 1685
  3. 林 玄悦 Gen'etsu 1685-1706
  4. 林 朴入 Bokunyū 1706-1726
  5. 林 因長 Inchō 1727-1743
  6. 林 門利 Monri 1743-1746
  7. 林 転入 Tennyū 1746-1757
  8. 林 祐元 Yūgen 1757-1789
  9. 林 門悦 Mon'etsu 1789-1816
  10. 林 鐵元 Tetsugen 1816-1819
  11. 林 元美 Gembi 1819-1848
  12. 林 柏栄 Hakuei 1848-1864
  13. 林秀榮 Shūei

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