Hdoudi Sama

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Hdoudi Sama
Carole Samaha-Hdoudi Sama album cover.jpg
Studio album by Carole Samaha
Released December, 2009
Genre Arabic pop
Length 49:30
Language Arabic
Label Melody Music
Producer Lacarma
Carole Samaha chronology
Adwa' Al Shohra
(2006)Adwa' Al Shohra2006
Hdoudi Sama

Hdoudi Sama (Arabic: حدودي السما - The sky is my limit‎‎) is a studio album by Carole Samaha. It was released in December 2009 and features 13 songs. Included is Carole's solo song from the soundtrack of the Pepsi musical Sea of Stars (Bahr El Nujoum) "Jeet" (here renamed "Majnouni (Jeet)").

In June 2010 Carole Samaha received the Best Album Murex d'Or award for this album[1] and in 2011 the music video for the song Khallik Bhalak won the Murex d'Or award for best music video.[2]

Music videos[edit]

Several music videos with songs featured in this album have been released:

# Song Director Release date Notes
1 "Yama Layali" Thierry Vergnes May 2008
2 "Jeet (Majnouni)" Amin Dora July 2008 from the movie Sea of Stars
(Bahr El NuJoum)
3 "Ali" Salim el Turk November 2008
4 "Ragaalak" Thierry Vergnes February 2009 filmed in the Maldives
5 "Zabehny" Karim Ayari May 2009 filmed in Tunisia
6 "Ma Bkhaf" Karim Ayari August, 2009
7 "A'oul Anssak" Thierry Vergnes March, 2010 filmed in the Maldives
8 "Khallik Bhalak" Thierry Vergnes March 21, 2010

Track listing[edit]

# Title Translation Length Lyricist Composer Arranger Dialect
1 "Ragaalak" Coming back to you 4:06 Tamer Hussein Amr Mustafa Rocket Egyptian
2 "Hdoudi Sama" The sky is my limit 3:34 Marwan Khoury Marwan Khoury Michel Fadel Lebanese
3 "Ma Bkhaf" I am not scared 3:29 Salim Assaf Salim Assaf Michel Fadel Lebanese
4 "Khallik Bhalak" Stay away 4:00 Marwan Khoury Marwan Khoury Roger Khoury Lebanese
5 "A'oul Anssak" I try to forget you 3:35 Ramadan Mohammad Mohammad Yehya Michel Fadel Egyptian
6 "Nadeyt" I called 3:20 Khaled Tag Eddine Amr Mustafa Rocket Egyptian
7 "Minn Allak" Who told you? 3:19 Mounir Bou Assaf Hisham Boulos Dany Helou Lebanese
8 "Awel Ma Abeltak" 4:48 Ayman Behgat Amar Mohammad Yehya Michel Fadel Egyptian
9 "Aala Sawtak" To your voice 3:16 Salim Assaf Mohammad Yehya Rocket Lebanese
10 "Majnouni (Jeet)" I must be crazy (You came) 3:52 Mounir Bou Assaf Jean-Marie Riachi Jean-Marie Riachi Lebanese
11 "Ali" Ali 3:33 Abet El Aziz Ammar & Salim Assaf Mohammad Raheem, Raju, Hovannes K. Hovannes K. Egyptian
12 "Yama Layali" How many nights 4:46 Mohammad Gomaa Mohammad Raheem Tameem, Hovannes K. Egyptian
13 "Zabehni" He "slaughtered" me 3:46 Abdallah Abu Rass Nasser Al Saleh Omar Abdel Aziz Khaleeji


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  • Album liner notes
  • "Yama Layali", "Jeet (Majnouni)", "Ali", "Ragaalak", "Zabehny", "Ma Bkhaf", "A'oul Anssak", "Khallik Bhalak" music videos