He's All I've Got

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He's All I've Got
He's All I've Got.jpg
Studio album by Love Unlimited
Released 1977
Genre Soul, Funk
Length 35:27
Label Unlimited Gold Records
Producer Barry White
Love Unlimited chronology
In Heat
(1974)In Heat1974
He's All I've Got
Love Is Back
(1979)Love Is Back1979

He's All I've Got is the fourth studio album by Love Unlimited.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "I Did It for Love" 4:59
2. "Never, Never Say Goodbye" 5:38
3. "Whisper You Love Me" 5:15
4. "He's Mine" 3:34
5. "I Can't Let Him Down" 3:27
6. "I Guess I'm Just Another Girl in Love" 5:11
7. "He's All I've Got" 7:23