He Said He Loved Me

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"He Said He Loved Me"
Single by Reverend and the Makers
from the album The State Of Things
Released 2007
Format CD, vinyl
Recorded 2006 Sheffield UK
Genre Electro, dance-punk
Length CD - 10:20
7" - 7:25
Label Wall of Sound
Writer(s) Alan Smyth, Jon McClure, Alex Turner
Reverend and the Makers singles chronology
"Heavyweight Champion Of The World"
"He Said He Loved Me"
"Open Your Window"

"He Said He Loved Me" is the second single by Reverend and The Makers, from their debut album The State of Things. The song features Jon McClure and Laura Manuel on lead vocals. The single was released on 26 August 2007 on download only and later released on CD and 7" vinyl on 3 September.

"He Said He Loved Me" and the B-side "You Get So Alone It Just Makes Sense" both feature on the demo release Ten Songs: "You Get So Alone Sometimes It Just Makes Sense" was taken from the title of a collection of poems by Charles Bukowski. The other B-side, "God Is in the TV", was originally a song by McClure's previous band, 1984.

The title track is co-written by Alex Turner of the band Arctic Monkeys: frontman Jon McClure are good friends, to the point of sharing a flat in Sheffield, and have written other songs, such as "Old Yellow Bricks", from the Arctic Monkey's second album Favourite Worst Nightmare and also "The Machine", which appears on Reverend and the Makers' album The State of Things. "He Said He Loved Me", like the debut single "Heavyweight Champion of the World" is also attributed to Alan Smyth who produced the original demos for the band. The B-sides, "You Get So Alone Sometimes It Just Makes Sense" and "God is in the TV" are both co-written by Ed Cosens.

The song was used as a backing track in a video preview on the 2010 Rugby League Challenge Cup final.


"He Said He Loved Me" tells a story of a young, impressionable teenage girl falling in love with a chauvinistic womaniser who has no real interest in her.

Track listing[edit]

  • 7": (WOS014S)
  • A. "He Said He Loved Me" – 2:56
  • B1. "You Get So Alone Sometimes It Just Makes Sense" – 4:09
  • B2. "Just Like His Dad" – 0:20
  • CD: (WOS014CD)
  1. "He Said He Loved Me" – 2:56
  2. "You Get So Alone Sometimes It Just Makes Sense" – 4:09
  3. "God Is in the TV" – 3:15
  • Downloads: (WOS014D) (WOS014D1)
  1. "He Said He Loved Me (extended version)" - 5:02
  2. "He Said He Loved Me (live)"