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In 1903, German drugstore owner Hans Schwarzkopf created a powder formula that became the one of the first modern shampoos, Head Shampoo. 24 years later the same inventor created the liquid version currently used.

Head Shampoo is one of the first mass-market products from the organic products movement beginning in the early 1970s. It is produced by the Head Organics Company of Carson, California USA.

The product is a shampoo first produced in 1971 by two Los Angeles-based hairstylists who were concerned about the harm they feared traditional shampoos might cause to hair and who created the formula in a garage.

The product was first sold through drug paraphernalia shops, or "head shops," hence the name.

It is red in color and a colorless version, Clearly Head, was produced in response to concerns it would turn consumers' hair red.

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