Hearts Aflame

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Hearts Aflame
Original Elaine Duillo cover image featuring Fabio
Author Johanna Lindsey
Publisher Avon Books
Publication date
Pages 368
ISBN 978-0-380-89982-1

Hearts Aflame is novel by Johanna Lindsey, originally published in June 1987 by Avon Books. It is the second book in the Haardrad Family Saga Series and Lindsey's fourteenth novel. The book reached number three in the New York Times Best Seller list for paperbacks.[1] It has been translated into German, French, Russian, Chinese and Spanish.[2]

Kristen Haardrad was looking for one last adventure with her brother Selig. However, nothing prepared her for the fact that they are going Viking. As soon as they landed, they were attacked then captured. Saddened by the death of her brother, Kristen disguised as a boy to avoid rape. However, when Lord Royce entered the scene. It was love at first sight, or at least for her. She couldn't help the mixed feelings that she had for him. She longed to escape this land of strangers, yet her feelings for Royce held her back from her freedom. Lord Royce of Wyndhurst was attracted to the Viking beauty. However, his memories of the past held him back from his attractions toward her. However, her family is not ready to lose her to this Saxon man, they will fight for her freedom. Will Royce lose his head and his heartmate in this battle against a family of strong Vikings that are out for blood?


  • Time/era of story - Vikings/Norse era
  • Difficult/unusual lover? Yes
  • Captor, in love with Yes
  • If one lover chases another... - she chases after him - they alternate
  • Who's in charge? - he is
  • Abusive lover? No

Main Male Character[edit]

  • Profession/status: - Prince/Nobleman/King
  • Age/status: - 20's-30's
  • How sexual is this person? - several sexual encounters -
  • How romantic is this person? very romantic
  • Sex makes him - confused
  • Sex has good effect on him Yes
  • Sex makes him - confident - blissful - sensitive
  • Sex has bad effect on him Yes
  • How sensitive is this character? - hard edged
  • Sense of humor - Cynical sense of humor
  • Intelligence - Average intelligence - Smarter than most other characters
  • Physique - bulging muscles - very athletic

Main Female Character[edit]

  • Age/status: - a teen - 20's-30's
  • Profession/status: - wealthy
  • Eccentric/Mental: Yes
  • Eccentric: - eccentric
  • How sexual is this person? - very picky - naive virgin
  • How romantic is this person? - very romantic
  • Sex has good effect on her: Yes
  • Effect of sexing - confident - blissful
  • How sensitive is this character? - sensitive to others' feelings
  • Sense of humor - Strong but gentle sense of humor
  • Intelligence - Average intelligence - Smarter than most other characters
  • Physique - very athletic


  • Europe: Yes
  • Misc setting - manor house


  • Person - mostly 3rd
  • Accounts of torture and death? - generic/vague references to death/punishment
  • What % of story is romance related? - 70%
  • Sex in book? Yes
  • What kind of sex: - descript of kissing - touching of anatomy - licking - descript. of female anatomy (the big B's) - descript. of female anatomy (the big V)
  • Part of a series? Yes
  • Focus of story - Her
  • How much dialog - roughly even amounts of descript and dialog
  • How much sexing? - about 4 sex acts

The cover illustration by Elaine Duillo was model Fabio's first big break.[3]


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