Heaven & Hell (Devolo album)

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Heaven & Hell
Devolo Heaven & Hell.jpg
Studio album by Devolo
Released November 3, 2008
Recorded 2008
Genre Hip hop
Label Dawn Raid Entertainment

Heaven & Hell is the debut solo-album by New Zealand/Hip-Hop artist Devolo. The album's first single "Somebody" became a top 10 hit on the NZ iTunes top songs for all genres and #1 on NZ iTunes top hip hop downloads. The second single "Too Shy" jumped from #38 to #6 in one week on New Zealand’s RIANZ Top 40 Singles Chart.[1] The album's third single was released one year after the original released of the album, it reached #6 on the IMNZ Top 10 Airplay.[2][3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "King David"
  2. "Somebody"
  3. "Too Shy"
  4. "Can't Let You Go" (Ft. Lemuel)
  5. "Good Day"
  6. "Take It Back"
  7. "Let Me In" (Ft. TJ)
  8. "Heaven & Hell"
  9. "Bring It"
  10. "God Chose Me" (Ft. Savage)
  11. "Fresh Til My Death" (Ft. Mareko)
  12. "I Wanna Know" (Ft. TJ)
  13. "Think About You"
  14. "Thank you"


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