Heaven Tonight (film)

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Heaven Tonight
Directed by Pino Amenta
Produced by Frank Howson
Written by Frank Howson
Alister Webb
Starring John Waters
Guy Pearce
Kym Gyngell
Rebecca Gilling
Sean Scully
Cinematography David Connell
Distributed by Boulevard Films
Release date
November 1990
Country Australia
Language English
Budget under $2 million[1]

Heaven Tonight is a 1990 Australian film.


An ageing rock star (John Waters) tries to make a comeback and is jealous about the success of his son (Guy Pearce).[2][3]


Writer-producer Frank Howson later claimed that "every incident" in the film was true: "either I have lived it, or I know somebody who has. There is no fabrication, except in the names, which have been changed to protect the guilty."[4]


The film was not a commercial success and only ran for two weeks in cinemas in Sydney and Melbourne.[1]

Cultural references[edit]

The film provided comedic material for the 2006-2007 Austereo radio comedy show Get This. Host Tony Martin referred to the film on a number of occasions, making jibes at the name of Guy Pearce's character's band which was 'Video Rodney', the frequent references to the film's villain whose name was the ill-chosen 'Tim Robbins' and the dated 1980s syth-rock music.


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