Heavy Mellow

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Heavy Mellow
Heavy Mellow.jpg
Live album by 54-40
Released September 7, 1999
Genre Rock, Alternative rock
54-40 chronology
Since When
Heavy Mellow
Casual Viewin'

Heavy Mellow is a 1999 live album by Canadian rock group, 54-40.

It is a two-disc set; as its name implies, one disc contains "heavy" rock performances and the other contains "mellow" acoustic renditions. Many acoustic album versions vary greatly from their studio counterparts, due to the addition of new instruments that weren't used before (such as accordions). These tracks include "Radio Luv Song", "Crossing a Canyon", and "Miss You". In addition, the live version of "Music Man" is extended compared to the studio version.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

  1. "She La"
  2. "Ocean Pearl"
  3. "Nice to Luv You"
  4. "Lies to Me"
  5. "Since When"
  6. "Assoholic"
  7. "Baby Ran"
  8. "Music Man"
  9. "Love You All"

Disc two[edit]

  1. "One Gun"
  2. "One Day in Your Life"
  3. "Miss You"
  4. "Radio Luv Song"
  5. "I Go Blind"
  6. "Crossing a Canyon"
  7. "I Could Give You More"
  8. "Laughing"
  9. "She La"
  10. "Ocean Pearl"