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Hedvig Willman, née Harling (18 July 1841 – 15 August 1887) was a Swedish stage actor, opera singer, drama teacher and principal of Dramatens elevskola.

Hedwig Willman was born and died in Stockholm. Her father was a clothes seller. She debuted on Ladugårdslandsteatern in Stockholm in 1857. From 1863, she was employed as an actor at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, and after her talent as a singer was discovered, she was also employed as an opera singer at the Royal Swedish Opera in 1865. In her capacity of a singer, she was often used within Opéra comique. She performed as a guest artist in Denmark and Germany, notably at the Royal Danish Theatre in 1869.

She married the actor Anders Willman in 1870. In 1877, she and her spouse were appointed joint principals of Dramatens elevskola. She died "after a longlasting illness" in 1887. She also taught singing. One of her notable pupils was John Forsell.