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Hegningarhúsið at Skólavörðustígur in Reykjavík

Hegningarhúsið (English: The Penalty House) at Skólavörðustígur 9 in Reykjavík was a prison run by the Icelandic Prison Service. Built in 1872 by the designs of G. Ch. W. Klentz[1][2][3], it was the oldest prison in Iceland.[4] All operations in Hegningarhúsið ceased on 1 June 2016.[5]

The origins of the Icelandic phrase "going to the stone" (fara í steininn) is purportedly due to the stone interiors of this prison.[6]

It was last used as a reception prison, where prisoners stayed for a short period of time when at the beginning of serving a sentence. The house was designated as historic property in 1978.[5]

There were 16 prison cells in Hegningarhúsið, small and narrow with poor ventilation. The cells were without toilets and sinks.


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