Heights Tarn

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Heights Tarn, small lake to the east of Windermere and north of Simpson Ground Reservoir, near Cartmel Fell, in the Lake District of Cumbria, England. Located at an altitude of 208 m (682 ft), the lake has an area of 1.5 hectares (3.7 acres), and measures 290 m × 73 m (951 ft × 240 ft).[1] Although just off the main road, the lake is not accessible to the public, lying on private land and contains a boathouse on its eastern bank. About 400 metres to the south is Sow How Tarn.


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Coordinates: 54°17′17″N 2°55′18″W / 54.28806°N 2.92167°W / 54.28806; -2.92167