Heikki Kinnunen

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Heikki Kinnunen
Born (1946-04-08) 8 April 1946 (age 71)
Raahe, Finland

Heikki Kinnunen (born 8 April 1946, in Raahe) is a Finnish actor, who became well known in the beginning of the 1970s in the comedy program Ällitälli. Kinnunen was known specially for his roles in comedy films and -series. He has played the leading role in Vääpeli Körmy films and appeared in five Uuno Turhapuro films.[1]

Kinnunen's most famous comedic catch-phrase is "Onks Viljoo näkyny?" ("You seen Viljo?") born from a skit in which he shows up asking people this question then inquiring something about what they are currently doing. Who Viljo is or why Kinnunen's character is looking for him is never explained in the skits themselves.





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