Heilbronn Power Station

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Heilbronn Power Station
Heilbronn EnBW 20050905.jpg
Heilbronn Power Station seen from river Neckar side
Heilbronn Power Station is located in Germany
Heilbronn Power Station
Location of Heilbronn Power Station
Country Germany
Location Heilbronn
Coordinates 49°10′38″N 9°12′23″E / 49.17722°N 9.20639°E / 49.17722; 9.20639Coordinates: 49°10′38″N 9°12′23″E / 49.17722°N 9.20639°E / 49.17722; 9.20639
Status Operational
Commission date 1955
Owner(s) EnBW
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Coal
Power generation
Units operational 2 X 65 MW (ret)
2 X 110 MW (ret)
2 X 125 MW
1 X 760 MW
Make and model AEG
Nameplate capacity 1,360 MW

Heilbronn Power Station is a coal-fired power station in Heilbronn, Germany. It is operated by EnBW Kraftwerke AG, until 1997 by EVS, and has seven units. Specifically, Unit 7 is the largest coal-fired unit used by EnBW.[1] The capacity of the three units is 950 MW, two units with a capacity of approx. 200 MW are in cold reserve. The power station's two flue gas stacks are the highest structures in Heilbronn and are recognizable as landmarks from far away.

Heilbronn Power Station seen from the East


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