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Heimkveld Kunst is an Ambient music band, founded in the late of 2005 by C.-04

Group development[edit]

At the beginning, Heimkveld Kunst starts Dark Ambient and Experimental music, influenced by Black Metal, Dark Ambient and Symphonic Metal bands. Born in 2005, it's only in 2006 that first songs are create. They've got a bad audio quality, so C.-04 keep them secret, he just shows track-list on the web. After several months, Heimkveld Kunst stop doing Dark Ambient music and begin to make more Ambient songs, more relaxing, influenced by dreams and illusions...[1]



  • 2006: Prélude
  • 2007: Promo Mars 2007 (also known as Partie II)

Full-length and EPs[edit]

  • 2009: MM V IX
  • 2009: Egaré Dans L'Oubli
  • 2010: Old & Abandoned Songs
  • 2010: Nature Sounds


  • 2007: Split with Decomposed Corpses.
  • 2007: Track Crépuscule de Tristesse appears on the compilation Obscure Synergy Chapter I.
  • 2008: Track Prière Universelle appears on the compilation Trinity on Tritherapie by the label Bone Structure
  • 2010: Secret Earth


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