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Heimo Korth is an American outdoorsman. He and his wife Edna are among the only permanent residents of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. They live along the Coleen River, just south of the Brooks Range, and move between cabins seasonally. Striving to be self-reliant, they hunt and fish for their own food.

The Korths' lifestyle came to public attention with James Campbell's 2004 book The Final Frontiersman: Heimo Korth and His Family, Alone in Alaska's Arctic Wilderness.[1] In 2009, VBS.tv produced Surviving Alone in Alaska, a documentary film showing Korth's lifestyle.[2] He was also featured among others on PBS's "Braving Alaska" in 1992.

Reliant on bush pilots to transport him in and out of his home in the bush, he was incidentally featured in Flying Wild Alaska 2011 - 2012, as Korth had hired the series' protagonist Jim Tweto to fly him out of Fairbanks.[3]

Heimo, Edna and their family, alongside 4 other families, make up the Discovery series The Last Alaskans which premiered in 2015.


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