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The Heinrich Tessenow Gold Medal (Heinrich-Tessenow-Medaille) is an architecture prize established in 1963 by the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. of Hamburg in the honour of Heinrich Tessenow. It is awarded annually by the Heinrich-Tessenow-Gesellschaft e.V. "to honour people who have achieved distinction in craft and industrial form-making and in the teaching of the culture of living and building, and who have through their life's work acted in the spirit of Heinrich Tessenow".[1] Among the awarded were: Giorgio Grassi (1992), Juan Navarro Baldeweg (1998), David Chipperfield (1999), and the Pritzker Prize winners Sverre Fehn (1997), Peter Zumthor (1989) and Eduardo Souto de Moura (2001).

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