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Alternative logo of the club
early edition of the logo of the basketball club now same pattern is also used for the football club

Hekmeh SC, or Hekmeh Sports Club (in Arabic نادي الحكمة الرياضي) also known by its French synonym Sagesse (French translation of the name) or Club Sagesse or Club Sportif Sagesse (SC Sagesse) is a multi-sports club in Lebanon.


Hekmeh, or Club Sportif La Sagesse was founded in 1943, under the patronage of the late father Boulos Kik, supported by his excellency late Mgr. Jean Maroun, with mainly the football program. A sports club that represents Sagesse College Ashrafiye 1875.

Al-Hikma in classical Arabic, El-Hekmeh in Lebanese dialect stands for "wisdom", thus also the French alternative name of the club, Sagesse (meaning wisdom in French).

Since its foundation the football club was very popular in Beirut and shined during the golden era of lebanese football ,the club represented lebanese football worldwide by playing friendlies against notable clubs from around the world. The club is also very well known for its basketball programme as Hekmeh BC. The basketball club of Hekmeh was founded in 1992 and soon became one of the most successful Lebanese basketball clubs ever with 8 Lebanese Basketball League Championships, 7 Lebanese Basketball Cups, 2 Arab Club Championships, and a record 3 FIBA Asia Champions Cup titles.

Hekmeh SC has many other organized individual and collective sports as well under its banner.

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