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Helge Stormorken (born 8 October 1922 in Kvam, Gudbrandsdal, Norway) is a Norwegian veterinarian.

Research and organisational activity[edit]

He established the cause of a world wide fatal bleeding disease in piglets leading to its eradication. He described the multifaceted Stormorken syndrome,[1] a mutations in f. VII, f. IX, Fibrinogen Oslo IV and V, all with clinical consequences. Nearly thirty theses on different aspects emanated from the institute together with a host of single papers from its own staff and the many US and European visitors. The most prominent of these was Holm Holmsen who made basic discoveries establishing platelets as secretory non-nucleated cells. Stormorken was active in international organisations within the field, as chairman of the International Society Thrombos Haemost 1978-82, as cofounder and member of the governing board in European Thrombosis Research Organisation (ETRO) 1972-78, as an honorary member in 1997. That Oslo, and the institute, was chosen as the site for the first international congress in this field (1971) was a great honour for a country of only four million people.

Stormorken was also the chairman of many committees, local as well as international, a teacher of medical students and other health personnel. He headed the Norwegian Red Cross team and was wounded in the French-Algerian war of 1962. His publications, mainly international, total 260. Now retired, he writes historical essays from his birthplace.

Career summary[edit]

He graduated with the Cand.med.vet. and obtained his degree at the Veterinary College of Norway in 1948. He opened a veterinary practice in Otta the next year.[1] He studied in the Medical Faculty, University of Oslo from 1954, and gained a PhD in 1957, with the thesis Comparative Studies on Clotting Mechanisms in Horse, Cow, Dog and Man. He later won the Doctor of Medicine degree in 1958. He was appointed as a professor of animal physiology at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science in 1959, and moved to the University of Oslo in 1963, as professor and head of the Oslo University Institute for Thrombosis Research at Rikshospitalet. Then, from 1980 to 1990, he was an assistant professor at Rikshospitalet, and from 1990 to 1995 he worked for the private company Nycomed[2], mainly within contrast media development. By the time of his 85th birthday he had 275 academic publications.[2]

He was decorated with the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav[1], one of the founders and honorary member of the European Thrombosis Research Organization, Co-chairman and Chairman of the International Society for Thrombosis Haemost., 1978–82, and was a member of several national and international committees. He was visiting professor at Nobel Prize winner C. Heymans Institute in Ghent, Belgium and at The Temple University, Philadelphia. In 1962 he headed the Norwegian Red Cross team to Algeria during the liberation war from France and was wounded in the lower back but recovered. He lives in Sandvika, a suburb of Oslo, but originates from the Gudbrandsdal Valley.


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