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Temporal range: Early Permian[1]
Helicoconchus branching.jpg
Helicoconchus elongatus Wilson et al., 2011 from Lower Permian of Texas.
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: incertae sedis
Class: Tentaculita
Order: Microconchida
Genus: Helicoconchus
Wilson, Yancey and Vinn, 2011

Helicoconchus is a microconchid genus that occurs in the Lower Permian of Texas. It forms small reef-like bodies of tubes branching from a common origin. The impunctate tubes are greatly elongated for microconchids and have occasional diaphragms with central pits. The tubes branch in two ways: budding from the tube wall and binary fission. They lived in shallow, normal marine environments.[1]

Helicoconchus elongatus; view of branching aggregation of tubes.


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