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Formerly called
Hellas Sat Consortium Ltd.
Industry Communications satellite
Headquarters Nicosia, Cyprus
Areas served
Cyprus and Greece
Owner Arabsat
Website www.hellas-sat.net/en/

Hellas-Sat Consortium Ltd (Hellas-Sat) is the owner and a wholesaler of capacity and services of the Greek/Cypriot "Hellas-Sat-2" satellite, an Astrium Eurostar E2000+, which was launched successfully on 13 May 2003 to the 39° E orbital position in the Geostationary Satellite Orbit.

Hellas-Sat has developed a network of strategically located teleport partners with DVB platforms, carrying over 100 television channels, and IP-based services through its two fixed beams over Europe, and two steerable beams over the Middle East and South Africa. It offers high-power, direct-to-home transmissions as well as occasional video feeds and Internet access services.


Hellas-Sat 2 is an ASTRIUM Eurostar 2000+ platform spacecraft at Orbital Position 39° East. It was launched on 13 May 2003, and has an expected lifetime of 15 years. It has 30+8 (redundant) Ku-band 36 MHz transponders

Launch Consultants[edit]

RPC Telecom acted as the ITU filing and frequency coordination consultant, while Petrosat WLL was the launch consultant.

Audiovisual (television and radio) services[edit]

One of Hellas-Sat's strategic partners is STN Satellite Telecommunications Network, which offers comprehensive television and/or radio channel distribution services. STN offers SDTV and/or HDTV play-out services, SDTV and/or HDTV turnaround services as well as encryption, subtitling, etc. STN was also behind the transmission of Euro1080-HD1 on Hellas-Sat-2, Europe’s first HDTV channel.

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