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HELLO! combines the frequency of a weekly and glossiness of a monthly. It contains no more than 20% advertising in each issue with the editorial focus on celebrity and royal content, but also includes lifestyle content - such as beauty, fashion and food.

HELLO! Has been a weekly magazine since 1988 and quickly became a household name, recognised for its exclusive celebrity access, accurate and kind reporting, as well as beautiful picture-led features and award-winning publishing philosophy.

HELLO! Is a sister magazine to the Spanish original magazine ¡Hola! Which launched in 1944. As of today, HELLO! distributes in over 100 countries. Local editions of the magazine are also published in Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, Greece, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Middle East, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Puerto Rico, Russia, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey and Venezuela.

In 2001 the digital platform of the HELLO! brand was launched with the hellomagazine.com website. The site reports up-to-the-minute royal and celebrity news. Hellomagazine.com has over 6 million unique users a month. In addition the daily content ranges from latest happenings of Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise to British talent such as Hugh Laurie and Keira Knightley. It features comprehensive picture galleries of all the main fashion shows, special events such as The BAFTAs and an extensive list of quizzes on famous people.

Hello (magazine) cover.jpg
December 2010 cover
CategoriesCelebrities / Royals
FormatPrint & digital
First issue1988; 31 years ago (1988)
CompanyHELLO Ltd
CountryGreat Britain


In 1944 the Spanish ¡Hola! magazine was launched and keeps circulating until today. It is one of the most popular magazines in Spain that keeps updated all readers of the celebrities and royals news.

In 1998 a French version called Oh la! was also published, which finally closed after six years of existence.

In 1989 the English version of the weekly magazine was launched in the United Kingdom ; Hello! is one of the publishing brands with the greatest worldwide presence, with 31 international editions, 10 web pages and presence in 120 countries, reaching more than 20 million readers worldwide.

The last editions to reach the market have been those of Brazil, Indonesia, the Dominican RepublicArgentinaBulgaria, Peru, Venezuela and Chile.

In 2006, Rogers Media launched Hello! Canada. In 2007, the Madrid office reorganized and changed the management for the Canadian version.

Hello! Thailand is a bi-weekly Thai lifestyle magazine focused on women aged 21 and over, launched in March 2006. The magazine focuses on royal news, celebrity and entertainment features. Circulation peaked at 300,000 in 2006 and was at 100,000 copies nationwide in 2017. Between January and December 2013, its dissemination was 399,007 copies.

In 2013 the magazine presented its edition in the Philippines.10 Publications are also published in Peru, El Salvador, Chile and Guatemala. On May 30, 2018 Copesa announced the closure of the Chilean edition of the magazine.

In 2016 the magazine launched its publication and website for the American public HOLA! USA, with information in both English and Spanish.

Back in the day, HELLO! used to sponsor a motorbike racing team. The weekly glossy has also been spotted on the royal coffee table in off-duty shots of the Queen in Balmoral. In addition to this, Celeb royal couple David Beckham and Victoria Beckham appeared on Michael Parkinson’s chat show and as a new mum Victoria Beckham commented on how HELLO! was like their family album and Brooklyn (who was 3 at the time) had gotten so used to seeing photos of their family in it each week!

Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City was reading a copy of HELLO! In one of her scenes. It’s not very well known, but the brand themselves confirmed that all the royal households receive copies of the magazine on a weekly basis.

During its 31 years of publication, HELLO! Has become a bit of a collectors item. With many for sale on eBay, some for almost triple the cover price.  

Brand Family[edit]

HELLO! was launched in 1988 by publisher Eduardo Sánchez Junco, owner and chairman of Spain's ¡Hola! magazine. ¡Hola! was created in 1944 by husband and wife Antonio Sánchez Gómez who proceed from La Prensa” of Barcelona and Mercedes Junco Calderón.[2]

Since 1984, the date of the death of its founder, it was his son, Eduardo Sanchez Junco, who succeeded him in charge of the company until his death on July 14th 2010 after a long illness. From when his three children assumed the company: Mercedes Sánchez Pérez, Mamen Sánchez Pérez and Eduardo Sánchez Pérez.


HELLO! magazine arrived in the UK in 1988 after the runaway success of Barcelona publication ¡Hola!, established in September 1944. Beginning the first of many issues dedicated to coverage of the British royal family, the first issue featured Princess Anne inside Buckingham Palace.  The in-depth interview was unlike anything the British public or in fact media were used to seeing, the Princess Royal spoke to HELLO! at length not only about her public duties but also her personal feelings and perceptions.

As well as celebrity news, gossip and updates, you will find A-list style fashion tips and style recommendations with high street alternatives to high end fashion, as well as the new beauty launches everyone’s talking about. You will find plenty of lifestyle advice too – from interiors and making your house a home to fitness and well-being trends to try and love. HELLO! champion respectful coverage of celebrities and royalty alike and specialise in bringing exclusives to the world – making it a firm favourite with many to bring their baby and wedding news to the public eye. HELLO! Has also launched another version called HELLO! Fashion Monthly which is monthly and covers more informal topics of lifestyle and fashion.


HELLO!’s campaign #hellotokindness was launched in January 2019 and met with huge positivity and was picked up by global media, with members of the editorial team appearing on TV in the UK, Australia and the United States. The campaign featured on the front pages of national newspapers from The Times to the Evening Standard, and was picked up by hundreds of online publications.

Celebrities from the Beckhams to Liam Payne officially liking the campaign, with politicians and members of the House of Lords requesting involvement. An early day motion was tabled at parliament with 16 members of parliament currently signed up to support it.

HELLO! Held their Star Mum Awards on International Women’s Day 2018. The event was attended by over 80 famous faces and inspirational women and six awards were presented, recognising a diverse range of women - famous and not - who have given selflessly to their families and society - mothers who really are superheroes. HELLO! Editor-in-Chief Rosie Nixon, who hosted the awards alongside broadcaster and presenter Kate Silverton said: “There was barely a dry-eye in the room, as we heard the extraordinary stories of these incredible mothers, from all walks of life and backgrounds. The aim of these awards is not to ‘pit mothers against each other’ to decide who is best, but to shine a spotlight on those who may have had it tough."


2003Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas sued HELLO! for publishing unauthorized photographs of their wedding. Rival magazine OK! had an exclusive contract for pictures of the wedding, and also sued HELLO! In November 2003, OK! was awarded £1,033,156 in damages, and Jones and Douglas received £14,600. Though, worth noting that although claimants, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones and Northern and Shell had made 13 separate claims against HELLO! and various others nine of these were dismissed.

2006HELLO!, which secured the British rights to the first images of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's newborn daughter, launched legal action with People magazine against two websites that printed a leaked exclusive shot of the couple with their new baby daughter. The leaked photo, which contains HELLO! magazine's logo, shows a headline which reads: "The biggest exclusive of the year. Angelina and Brad with their new Baby Shiloh Nouvel". People magazine reportedly paid more than $4 million USD to secure the American rights.[1]

George Clooney claimed he never had an interview with HELLO! Magazine and that an entire interview was “completely fabricated”. HELLO! removed the article and issued a public apology. Saying they were “dismayed” to learn the interview never took place. [2]



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