Hello Pig

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Hello Pig
Hello Pig.jpg
Studio album by The Levellers
Released September 4, 2000
Genre Rock, alternative rock
Label China
Producer Mark Wallis
The Levellers chronology
One Way of Life
Hello Pig
Special Brew

Hello Pig is the sixth studio album by The Levellers, released in 2000 on China Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Happy Birthday Revolution"
  2. "Invisible"
  3. "Weed That Killed Elvis"
  4. "Edge of the World"
  5. "Do It Again Tomorrow"
  6. "Walk Lightly"
  7. "Voices on the Wind"
  8. "Sold England"
  9. "Modern Day Tragedy"
  10. "Dreams"
  11. "61 Minutes of Pleading"
  12. "Red Sun Burns"
  13. "Gold and Silver"