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Allow Feedback to be categorized in the contents list. Allow feedback voting/supporting.[edit]

In the content list it would be nice if feedback can be sorted into categories.

  • Picking Categories before submitting feedback: When someone submits feedback, then before they submit there feedback they can check the box or boxes of pre established categories. Then there feedback can go in the right category or they can click on the category title that might be next to the box, to see other feedback only in the category there interested in. Then if there idea already has been mentioned then they can just support it or expand on it in there category.
  • If there idea does not have a catagory:If there idea does not have a category then they can create a new category for there idea. Also, If subcategories are allowed as well to allow forking, that would be helpful as well I think this would avoid overwhelming duplication.
  • For example: "edit code search" category In my situation as seen on the link below, I would create a "searching for edit code meaning and usage" category. I tried to review the feedback of others but this seemed overwhelming for me.
  • I checked the talk page of editing::::I made an attempt to quickly scan through the talk page of the editing page, but could not find any info as well including the archives. The page I scanned is here + the other archives and main talk page. I think on this talk page IP users are not allowed to contribute.

Just for reference here is my feedback on the edit help page.
Notify on my talk page: Im only able to monitor my talk page to my knowledge, so if there is any activity on this issue, please notify me on my talk page. Thanks (talk) 07:59, 1 July 2012 (UTC)