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Meta:Help:Import authors and history[edit]

  • 16:21, 3 August 2006 contribs)| m (this is enabled on some wikimedia wikis)
  • 17:54, 3 June 2006 contribs)| (REVERT: own changes (by mistake))
  • 05:25, 10 January 2006 contribs)| m (→Editing the import file - Add warning about having the same timestamp)
  • 03:07, 1 December 2005 contribs)| (rm " such as this one", text may be copied to other wikis)
  • 11:42, 30 November 2005 contribs)| (Adding more basic instructions, and reformatting/rewording in places)
  • 03:38, 25 November 2005 contribs)| (Changed initial template.)
  • 07:57, 2 September 2005 contribs)| ({{h:f|enname=Import}})
  • 10:15, 24 August 2005 contribs)| m (Help:Export and import moved to Help:Import)
  • 10:15, 24 August 2005 contribs)| (removed export => Import only)
  • 17:11, 21 August 2005 contribs)| m (→Human reading - typo)
  • 13:00, 20 July 2005 contribs)| (→Importing pages - disabled)
  • 23:20, 8 July 2005 contribs)| (optionally all old versions [sometimes disabled on Wikimedia])
  • 22:27, 7 June 2005 contribs)| (→Machine processing - a small Python program)
  • 21:25, 6 June 2005 contribs)| (Added link to script which converts xml output to historyflow input. Not sure where else to put it.)
  • 15:12, 3 June 2005 contribs)| m (→Exporting all pages)
  • 15:11, 3 June 2005 contribs)| m (→Exporting all pages)
  • 15:10, 3 June 2005 contribs)| (→Exporting all pages - thus, if there is an (almost) empty namespace, one can have a list of (almost) all pages;)
  • 15:06, 3 June 2005 contribs)| ({{new|, the system can also provide a list of all pages except in one namespace of choice; this has also the advantage that the namespace prefix is provided and therefore does not have to be added.}})
  • 10:33, 31 May 2005 contribs)| m (→Exporting all pages)
  • 10:31, 31 May 2005 contribs)| (In the case of the main namespace of a Wikimedia project, a single column list is available at etc.)
  • 10:25, 31 May 2005 contribs)| (restore accidentally deleted bit)
  • 11:52, 28 May 2005 contribs)| (Note that after inserting a revision between two existing revisions in the page history has the effect that the change made by the user who made the next edit seems different from what it actually ha)
  • 11:39, 28 May 2005 contribs)| (→Importing pages - one can make antedated edits and use false user names)
  • 14:28, 17 May 2005 contribs)| (For a large-scale transfer, somebody with sufficient system privileges can move data within the server, which is more practical than sending large XML files from the server to a user's local computer)
  • 10:31, 17 May 2005 contribs)| (An edit summary may refer to, and possibly link to, another page. This may be confusing when the page has been imported and therefore the references or to pages in the other project)
  • 10:24, 17 May 2005 contribs)| (As usual, generic namespace names are automatically converted. However, e.g. "Meta:" may be ignored on a project that uses that prefix for interwiki linking. It may be desirable to change it in the XM)
  • 09:21, 17 May 2005 contribs)| (If the user name was not used yet in the importing project then the user contributions are available anyway, although an account is not automatically created.)
  • 09:05, 17 May 2005 contribs)| (If the import involves edits under a user name which in the importing project is used by somebody else than the occurrences of the user name in the XML file should first be replaced by another name to)
  • 09:01, 17 May 2005 contribs)| ({{new| pages, wrapped in the XML file, can also be imported, by administrators only. The metadata of edits can be seen in the page histories and the user contributions, but not in recent changes (neit)
  • 22:54, 9 May 2005 contribs)| ({{new|the number of the page, and for each version, the number of that version and the number of the user, is also included.}})
  • 22:52, 9 May 2005 contribs)| m (→Exporting all pages)
  • 01:02, 9 May 2005 contribs)| (If this bug had been reported, it would have been fixed ages ago. Please don't pretend bugs are intentional and not tell us about them!)
  • 21:01, 8 May 2005 contribs)| (→Human reading -to avoid ambiguity, "&" is coded as "&".)
  • 07:39, 7 May 2005 contribs)| (Although this schema includes element name "minor", the export feature does not provide the marking for minor edit.)
  • 02:24, 7 May 2005 contribs)| (various notes and corrections)
  • 02:16, 7 May 2005 contribs)| (→Example - making example a pre block to avoid markup rendering)
  • 13:38, 6 May 2005 contribs)| (a representation of the wikitext)
  • 13:33, 6 May 2005 contribs)| m (→Exporting all pages)
  • 12:23, 6 May 2005 contribs)| (It is also meant to transfer pages from one MediaWiki-based wiki to another. However, this would require a special conversion program:)
  • 09:59, 8 April 2005 contribs)| (added notes on export steps)
  • 12:10, 16 December 2003 contribs)| m ( transfer to other programs)
  • 11:48, 16 December 2003 contribs)| (most of its metadata (page title, date, time, author and edit summary, but not whether it is a minor edit nor whether it is the first) )
  • 11:08, 16 December 2003 contribs)| (Tags in the wikisource are coded in the xml-source, and plainly shown when rendered by the browser. However, blank lines in the wikisource are shown in the xml-source, but not in the rendering. )
  • 18:11, 1 December 2003 contribs)| (Try Special:Export.)
  • 18:09, 1 December 2003 contribs)| (introduction and comment )
  • 03:59, 15 September 2003 contribs)| (not replacement for wikitext, just an envelope)

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