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The Helwan Wax Museum is a small public museum located in the suburb of Helwan, in Cairo, Egypt, close to the Ain Helwan Metro station. It houses 116 statues and 26 scenes.

It contains exhibits of wax sculptures demonstrating important figures from Egyptian history and idealized traditional Egyptian culture. Some figures shown include Salah El-Din El-Ayoubi (Saladin), King Richard I "The Lionheart" of England, Amr Ibn Al-As, Cleopatra and President Gamal Abdel Nasser. The museum was founded by Hussein Bikar, a noted Egyptian painter and sculptor.

Due to the lack of air conditioning, many of the wax sculptures on display exhibit visible damage and signs of repeated touch-ups.[1]

As of early 2009, the museum has been closed for renovations.[2]

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Coordinates: 29°51′37″N 31°19′33″E / 29.86028°N 31.32583°E / 29.86028; 31.32583